TURNAX company. Machine design and manufacturing:

We build prototype and special-purpose machines from design to manufacture.

We are a manufacturer of :

  • CNC multi-axis automatic lathes for metalworking different types : longitudinal, multi-spindle, rear-end machining with synchronized spindle or simple kinematics, special purpose customized for complicated and non-standard details
  • modular numerical turning-milling machines
  • customized lathes and milling machines
  • carousel machining centers drilling – chamfering – threading
  • special purpose CNC grinders

Automated machining, services:

  • design and manufacture of CNC-controlled precision machining machines
  • manufacture of special purpose machines
  • production lines design and manufacture
  • design and manufacture of spindles, electro-spindles for CNC machines
  • construction of special functional components of the machine (mechanical clamps, chucks)
  • retrofitting of machines in the field of comprehensive replacement of CNC computer with a modern one controller (Sinumerik, Fanuc, NCT)
  • building a machine in combination with robotics and industrial automation
  • CNC, PLC, HMI design and programming

Our realizations:

We designed and built the following machines on special order for special dedicated parts.

Turnax Speedax TRN A42 CNC automatic lathe machine
Turnax Speedax B42 CNC automatic lathe machine
Drilling – chamfering – threading carousel machining center TRN C35

Turnax Speedax TRN A42 CNC automatic lathe machine

  • two separate CNC channels
  • number of spindles: 2 (S1,S2)
  • number of numerically controlled axes: 6+2
  • power of spindles 7 kW / 3 kW
  • through-hole of spindles: 42 mm
  • spindle and sub-spindle clamping: pneumatic / pneumatic
  • X1 axis range: 320 mm
  • Y1 axis range: 240 mm
  • Z1 axis range: 200 mm
  • X2 axis range: 220 mm
  • Z2 axis range: 300 mm
  • W2 axis range: 600 mm
  • C1 axis range:: 360 degrees
  • C2 axis range:: 360 degrees
  • number of live tools: 8+5+2 (3 groups S3, S4, S5)
  • bar feeder with magazine

Turnax Speedax B42 CNC automatic lathe machine


  • main spindle power: 5kW (option up to 47 kW)
  • maximum rpm: 4500 rpm (option up to 16000)
  • through-hole: 42 mm
  • main spindle collet: 173E
  • spindle bearings: NSK B7013
  • collet clamp: mechanical

X,Z axis:

  • travel distance 300mm
  • power of servo drives: 1kW
  • maximum travel speed: 30000 mm/min
  • power transmission: ballscrews Fi25
  • ballscrews support: ZKLF2068
  • linear guides: HIWIN HGH25

Tool clamping:

  • tool bar (turret head option)

Bar feeding:

  • barfeeder 3000 mm
  • bar ejection: hydraulic
  • bar stabilization: hydraulic


  • Y axis
  • subspindle

Drilling – chamfering – threading carousel machining center TRN C35

3 working stations:

1st station axis Z1:

  •  two drilling spindles driven by 7.5kW motor, cooling through the spindle, stroke 250mm, ISO40 mounting

2nd station axis Z2:

  • two drilling (turning) spindles driven by 10kW motor, external cooling, stroke 250mm, ISO40 mounting

3rd station axis Z3:

  • two tapping spindles, synchronized with servo feed, stroke 250 mm, servo power 5.5 kW, ISO40 mounting

Operator Station:

  • unloading and loading station, uninterrupted change of workpieces during processing

Nowe Gizewo 28A
12-100 Szczytno

mob. +48 691404566
e-mail: info@turnax.com
website: www.turnax.com

Company branches:
Warszawa, Ciechanow, Legionowo, Tarnowskie Gory, Zielona Gora